Estate Planning

Estate Planning

While nobody wants to think about death or disability, establishing an estate plan is one of the most important steps you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones.  Proper estate planning not only puts you in charge of your finances, it can also spare your loved ones the expense, delay, and frustration associated with managing your affairs when you pass away or become disabled. These choices are too important to leave to chance or to deal with some other day.

Families trust Griffin, Dietrich & Elliott, LLC, to guide them through these critical decisions. We are experienced in estate planning and probate matters. We help families ensure that their intentions are known, and their wishes are carried out. Protect your assets and the people you love with smart estate planning.

Our firm can help you:

  • Designate beneficiaries
  • Transfer assets on death
  • Plan for illness or incapacity
  • Establish a Guardianship/Conservatorship
  • Probate/Trust Administration

At times, families are faced with the challenge of the probate process, Griffin, Dietrich & Elliott, LLC, has successfully administered numerous probate cases and can help you navigate through the probate court.

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