• Trucking Collision Settlement:
    Our client, a 59 year old man was rear ended by a tractor-trailer at an intersection on U.S. Highway 36 in Cameron, Missouri.  The driver of the tractor-trailer drove too fast for conditions and failed to stop for a red light, causing a high impact collision.  Our client suffered a femur fracture, concussion and facial wounds.  We negotiated a settlement for the policy limits of $1,000,000
  • Trucking Accident Settlement: 
    Troy Dietrich at Griffin, Dietrich & Elliott, LLC settled the claims of a husband and wife who were injured in a collision on U.S. Highway 36 in Cameron, Missouri.  Our clients’ vehicle was rear ended at a stop light by an 18 wheel tractor-trailer that was driving too fast for conditions.  After making a demand on the insurer for the transport company, we were able to reach a settlement without filing suit.
  • Motorcycle Accident:
    Our client was operating his Harley Davidson motorcycle in St. Joseph, Missouri, when another driver pulled out in front of him, causing a collision and ejection from the bike.  He suffered fractures of his pelvis and legs, requiring surgeries and extensive therapy in the hospital.  We successfully settled the claim against the other driver for her insurance policy limits, and against our client’s underinsured motorist policy.  Total settlement $150,000
  • Automobile Collisions:
    Our client, a 35 year old man, was stopped in a construction zone when his vehicle was struck from behind by a car driving too fast for the conditions.  He experienced whiplash injuries to his neck and back, shoulder pain and muscle spasms, causing him to incur medical bills and lost wages.  The case settled for $125,000.00
  • A rear end collision on Interstate 35 in Clay County, Missouri, caused our client to suffer injuries to his neck, back and shoulder.  The other driver was operating her vehicle too fast for the icy conditions on the roadway and failed to keep a careful lookout.  Total settlement $80,000
  • A front end collision on Highway 69 in Cameron, Missouri, when another driver failed to obey a stop sign, caused injuries to our client’s shoulder.  Surgery and physical therapy were required and we negotiated a policy limits settlement under two policies for our client.  Total settlement $75,000
  • Premises Liability:
    Our client slipped and fell on the property of a local shop, causing lower leg fractures.  Our firm discovered that a wooden ramp outside the front door of the store was wet and did not contain any traction strips or handrails for its customers.  After filing suit in Clinton County, Missouri, our firm negotiated a settlement for our client in the amount of $80,000
  • Violations of the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act:
    Our client entered into a contract with a Kansas City company for foundation work to fix water leaks in his basement.  After the repairs were made, our client experienced wall movement and water leaks that were not resolved.  Plaintiff claimed defendant violated the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act by failing to honor its lifetime warranties over its products and services.  After the trial court entered a judgment in our client’s favor, the case was settled for $47,500.00

    (while an appeal was pending)

  • Successful Zoning Appeal:
    In May of 2012, Troy Dietrich successfully handled the appeal of a zoning decision of the Clinton County Commission in Mike Dingle vs. Clinton County Commission, et al.  The Clinton County Planning & Zoning Commission had granted Defendant property owner a special use permit to operate a wedding reception facility in an agricultural zoning district in rural Clinton County.  Our client challenged the Commission’s decision on the grounds that the Commission failed to follow the rules and requirements of its Zoning Order.  The court agreed and found that the special use permit was not supported by substantial and competent evidence and was not authorized by law.
  • Successful Appellate Court Decisions:
    • Cleary Building Corp. v. Jerry Singleton, et al., 298 S.W.3d 929 (Mo. App. W.D. 2009)
    • Kurt Thompson, Successor Trustee v. Shaina Crowley, et al., 396 S.W.3d 429 (Mo. App. W.D. 2013)

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